About the Scheme

Westpac provides the Westpac New Zealand Staff Superannuation Scheme for the benefit of its staff. This scheme has various sections, but only one section, In-Tandem, is open to new members. In-Tandem is a defined contribution scheme. The Scheme is managed by the Scheme Trustee, Westpac New Zealand Staff Superannuation Scheme Trustee Limited.

Membership is voluntary. All employees can join the Scheme at any
time, but pre-management employees do not receive contributions from Westpac until they have been employed for two years and fixed term and casual staff do not receive employer contributions to In-Tandem at all.

Management level employees will receive contributions from Westpac as soon as they join the Scheme.

Monetary equivalents of Westpac's Contribution to an employee's superannuation account cannot be traded for a salary equivalent (ie. the benefit cannot be cashed up).

For management and pre-management staff, the first two or four years of Westpac Contributions (depending on your category of membership) is subject to vesting (the gradual transfer of ownership to the member). If you leave within this two-year or four year period you may not get all of the contributions made by Westpac.

Management and pre-management members of the Scheme who are aged under 65 are provided, without cost, an in-service death and total & permanent disablement insurance subject to the insurer accepting the member for cover and subject to joining conditions.

The Scheme trust deed and the laws of New Zealand govern the terms and conditions of the staff superannuation scheme.

The Scheme Trustee is charged with the responsibility of scheme governance. Member representation on the management of the superannuation scheme comes by way of two member elected Directors of the Trustee; who act together with the requisite number of other Directors of Scheme Trustee (including an independent licensed trustee) appointed by Westpac. Further details can be found in Meet the current Directors of the Scheme Trustee.

Members of In-Tandem also have the option to join KiwiSaver and enjoy the benefits of both In-Tandem and their KiwiSaver scheme with no requirement to make additional contributions. Further details can be found in The Combo Option.

If you need an explanation of superannuation and investment-related words and phrases used in this website, please refer to our Glossary.

For more information please see the Product Disclosure Statement available here.

Meet your Directors of the Scheme Trustee - Westpac New Zealand Staff Superannuation Scheme Trustee Limited

Bruce Kerr - Independent Chairman
Bruce has been involved with the Scheme for more than 20 years, as a member elected trustee, the Scheme secretary, and as a bank appointed trustee.

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He has been granted an Independent Trustee Market Services License by the FMA and acts as the independent trustee director for a number of other workplace super schemes (ACC, Diary Industry, Shell NZ & Toyota) and also hold other voluntary governance positions.

Wellington-based, Bruce is widely experienced in the workplace retirement savings arena, having recently retired after 13 years leading Workplace Savings NZ (the peak industry organisation representing employers, trustees and members of workplace super & KiwiSaver schemes, as well as industry service providers).
Marc Figgins - General Manager, Human Resources & Corporate Affairs



Jo McGregor - Head of Operational Excellence, Consumer Banking and Wealth
Jo has worked for Westpac for over 12 years, holding positions in Strategy, Finance, Product Management and more recently the Operations team within Consumer Banking & Wealth.

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Jo started her career working for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Chartered Accountant in Auckland and Edinburgh, and subsequently took on financial control roles within the hospitality industry (e.g. Bacardi Martini, Sky City) before shifting to Banking in 2005. Her current role at Westpac is Head of Operational Excellence where she focuses on improving the efficiency and profitability of our business, executing customer experience initiatives and supporting our frontline teams.

Jo is the member-appointed director on the Westpac In-Tandem Superannuation Scheme and support the Westpac diversity programme through the Flexibility Employee Action Group which is an initiative close to her heart as a working parent.
Tim McGuinness - Licensed Independent Trustee
Tim McGuinness became an Independent Trustee in July 2015. He is currently a professional trustee for a number of significant corporate superannuation schemes (Dairy Industry, Police, NZ Fire Service, NZ Aluminium Smelters) as well as a director of UniMed.

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Tim brings to the Board a broad knowledge and understanding of investment, financial and superannuation matters as well as general governance experience as a director of a number of entities over the last 15 years or so. Outdoor and sporting pursuits including golf and tramping are a feature of his non-work time.
Ian New - Chief Actuary
Ian is Chief Actuary, Westpac New Zealand and a member of the Finance Leadership team. Ian is the Appointed Actuary to Westpac Life-NZ-Limited and a director of BT Funds Management (NZ) Limited.

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A graduate of London University, Ian has over 35 years' experience in the life insurance and funds management sectors, including in the UK and New Zealand. Ian is a Fellow of the NZ Society of Actuaries and has previously served as President of that organisation.
Mark Weenink - General Counsel and General Manager, Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Legal Services
Mark was selected as a Bank-appointed Trustee Director on 1 October 2018 having been with Westpac since August 2015 serving as General Counsel and General Manager, Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Legal Services.

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Before this, Mark was Managing Partner at Minter Ellison Rudd Watts and also spent time overseas as a partner at US law firm McDermott Will Emery (based in London).
Liam Cleary - Head of Funding, Treasury
Liam joined Westpac in 2010 as the Head of Funding, Treasury. In this role, Liam has been heavily involved in the banks governance and Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMCA) obligations relating to the bank’s wholesale funding activities.

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The first half of Liam’s career was spent in the investment management of cash and fixed interest funds for a range of KiwiSaver, retail, and institutional clients, including the Westpac Staff Superannuation Scheme. During this time, Liam also became a CFA.

Liam is a member-elected Director and commenced his tenure on 1 March 2019.


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