Learn about super and investing by watching these short online seminars.

Please note the webinars available via the links below are provided by our administration and education partner Mercer.

Transition to retirement

01 Jul, 2012Topic: Superannuation

This webinar is designed to give you an understanding of transition to retirement income streams. Transition to retirement refers to the opportunity for people who have reached their preservation age to commence an income stream using their super without having to retire.

Running time: 3.55 mins Play video + slides  

Contribution strategies

01 Jul, 2012Topic: Contributions

This webinar explains the different contribution strategies available to help you build your super over time.

Running time: 9.54 mins Play audio + slides  

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Planning tools


In order to achieve lifelong financial security, you need to plan for the future. To see the difference salary sacrifice can make, to estimate your super potential at retirement or to take our financial wiz quiz choose from the tools below.

Please note the planning tools available via the links below are provided by our administration and education partner Mercer.


Retirement planner

How much will you have when you retire?


Transition to retirement calculator

Use this tool to explore the possible tax benefits from using a Transition to Retirement strategy.


How long will I live?

Use this tool to understand how long you may need to fund your retirement.


Budget planner

Identify current and future expenditure and your capacity for savings.


What type of investor are you?

Use this tool to help you better understand your own attitudes and preferences about risk and return.


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