Preservation rules

The Australian Government and RBF's governing rules will determine when and in what form you can be paid your super benefit.

Preservation age

By checking your date of birth, you can determine your own preservation age.

Date of birth

Preservation age

Before 1 July 1960


1 July 1960 to 30 June 1961


1 July 1961 to 30 June 1962


1 July 1962 to 30 June 1963


1 July 1963 to 30 June 1964


1 July 1964 and onwards



Preservation components

Your super benefit may contain one or more of the following components:



The preserved component can only be accessed by satisfying one of the conditions of release.

Generally, your preserved component is made up of:

  • all super contributions made after 1 July 1999 (including your own personal contributions);
  • the preserved component of rolled over benefits; and
  • investment returns.


Compulsory preserved


You may have a compulsory preserved component if you exited from:

  • the Contributory Scheme; or
  • the closed Non-Contributory Scheme;

before you reached preservation age. This means you will have a Contributory Scheme CPA.

Restricted non-preserved


If you joined an RBF scheme before 1 July 1999 and your employer paid super contributions to RBF prior to that date, your benefit may contain a restricted non-preserved component.

Any such restricted non-preserved component will become an unrestricted non-preserved component when you cease employment with the Tasmanian public sector.

If you retire from employment with the Tasmanian public sector after reaching age 60, any restricted non-preserved component of your benefit will become unrestricted non-preserved.

Any restricted non-preserved component will also become unrestricted non-preserved when you satisfy a condition of release for preserved benefits.

Unrestricted non-preserved


Benefits that are classified as unrestricted non-preserved may be paid at any time.


Conditions of release

Super benefits must remain within the super system until you reach your preservation age and retire from the workforce or satisfy a condition of release.

Preserved and/or restricted non-preserved components may be released on compassionate grounds and/or severe financial hardship.

Please refer to the following for more information on conditions of release:

Fact sheet: How super works

Contributory Scheme - Resignation benefits for members over preservation age

Contributory Scheme - Resignation benefit options for members under preservation age


Early release

Generally all super benefits must be preserved within the super system until you reach your preservation age and retire from the workforce unless you are eligible to apply for the early release of preserved and restricted non-preserved benefits on compassionate grounds and/or severe financial hardship. Preserved benefits can also be released on the grounds of total and permanent incapacity and terminal illness.

For more information on early release of benefits, please read Accessing your super early and Accessing your super early on compassionate grounds or call the RBF Enquiry Line on
1800 622 631.


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