Our webinars are short online seminars designed to help you gain a better understanding on a range of superannuation and retirement savings topics.

Investment cycles

17 Jan, 2013Topic: Investments

This short presentation looks at how markets and economies move through the economic cycle. It focuses on the four main stages of the economic cycle, what this means for you as an investor and the importance of taking a long-term view when it comes to your retirement savings.

Running time: 6.58 mins Play audio + slides  

Investment choice

05 Dec, 2012Topic: Investments

In this short presentation we look at the investment choices available to you about how your money is invested in the Police Super Scheme.

Running time: 5.46 mins Play audio + slides  

Planning for retirement

14 Nov, 2012Topic: Retirement

Retirement - time to do all the things you haven't had time for before - overseas travel and new hobbies, relaxing with your family. The choices are endless....but to fully enjoy retirement, you need to plan for it. Whether you have made a start or you're still at the thinking about it stage, view our short, online presentation for some useful hints on planning for retirement.

Running time: 6.33 mins Play audio + slides   Transcript

Understanding market volatility

30 May, 2012Topic: Investments

This short presentation will give you a basic understanding of how share market cycles work, types of asset classes and how they are affected by market volatility, and common risk strategies to help manage risk. We will also look at some factors to consider when choosing an investment strategy.

Running time: 7.07 mins Play audio + slides  

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