Transfer benefits in

You may be able to transfer money from another superannuation scheme into the PSS.

We can only accept the transfer if the payment is made direct from your current superannuation scheme into the PSS. If you want to transfer a benefit from another scheme into the PSS, the first step is to contact the provider of that scheme. They will contact Mercer and arrange for the transfer to be made.

The money transferred to the PSS will be deposited into your member's account. It is subject to the same rules for in-service withdrawals as your regular member contributions.

Due to our more generous in-service withdrawal provisions, we cannot accept transfers from UK pension schemes, KiwiSaver schemes, complying superannuation funds or Australian superannuation schemes.

Lump sum contributions from other sources

We cannot accept lump sum contributions into the scheme from members from sources other than another superannuation scheme (e.g. sale of property, windfalls etc). This is a requirement of the scheme's exemption from some of the provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009. You can, however, make voluntary contributions as regular deductions from your pay. Find out more about voluntary contributions.

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