Retirement Income Calculator

Help to plan for your retirement

Make sure your savings are on track for the retirement you want. The Retirement Income Calculator for Police is an online tool you can use to estimate your retirement income.

Using the Retirement Income Calculator



Check your personal information

When you log in to the calculator, it will pre-populate some of your details. Please check the following information against your payslip and adjust it if you need to.

Employer contributions

Use the before-tax rate. Your payslip shows the percentage after tax (look in the bottom left corner):


If your payslip says...

...use this rate

6.891%, 6.352%, 5.390% or 5.159% 7.7%
11.188%, 10.313%, 8.750% or 8.375% 12.5%
13.604%, 12.540%, 10.640% or 10.184% 15.2%

Member plus voluntary (if any) contributions

Your member contribution rate is shown on your payslip in the 'Payment details' section under 'Superannuation'. This is the percentage you should use.


The calculator does not pre-populate your salary. Instead, it defaults to a standard amount. Use the slider to match the salary amount to that shown on your payslip.


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