Latest returns

The PSS uses daily unit pricing. When you sign into your account to view your investment balances online, you see a unit price, number of units as well as a dollar value for your holding in each investment option.

A unit represents a share in a particular investment option. The unit price is based on the net value of all the investments held under that investment option. At the end of each trading day, we declare a unit price for each option. Just like a share price. When your contributions are paid into the scheme, you are allocated additional units based on that day's unit price. Similarly, when you apply for a benefit, you redeem units to the value of your withdrawal based on that day's unit price.

Taxes and investment management fees and expenses are reflected in the unit price.

Current unit prices


Latest investment returns

These investment performance figures are based on the change in unit prices over a given period, and are expressed as a percentage.

Investment options 12 months to
30 June 2017

Month of November

5 months to 30 November 2017

Growth 10.33% 0.68% 5.37%
Balanced 7.10% 0.53% 3.98%
Stable 3.85% 0.34% 2.36% 0.45%
Cash Plus 1.66% 0.13% 0.71% 0.17%

The investment returns shown above assume that contributions, amounts transferred and any withdrawals have been made uniformly throughout the year. As a result the actual investment returns applied to your account balances may vary from those shown above.

Monthly investment returns for the current scheme year

  Growth Balanced Stable Cash Plus
July 2017 1.01% 0.75% 0.45% 0.17%
 July 2017August 2017 0.90% 0.83% 0.64% 0.14%
 July 2017September 2017 0.96% 0.58% 0.26% 0.14%
 July 2017October 2017 1.70% 1.22% 0.64% 0.14%
 July 2017November 2017 0.68% 0.53% 0.34% 0.13%


Historic investment returns

This table shows the investment returns after tax for the past five scheme years, and the compound average return for each investment option over this period.
 Investment option 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 5 year return (p.a.) Since inception1 (p.a.)
Growth 14.73% 14.28% 7.34% 2.09% 10.33% 9.65% 5.89%
Balanced 10.23% 11.39% 6.35% 3.52% 7.10% 7.68% 5.64%
Stable 5.75% 7.53% 4.31% 4.22% 3.85% 5.12% 5.10%
Cash Plus 2.33% 2.27% 2.84% 2.03% 1.66% 2.23% 2.29%

1 Growth, Balanced and Stable were introduced on 1 May 2003. Cash Plus was introduced on 1 December 2009.


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