Constabulary and recruits

Membership is compulsory for recruits and constabulary employees. You join the scheme as a standard constabulary entrant.
Minimum contributions
Membership category Minimum contribution rate (as a % of salary)
  Member Employer (before tax)
Recruit/standard constabulary entrant 7.5%
You can make additional voluntary contributions as regular deductions from your pay.
PSS and KiwiSaver
You may already be a member of KiwiSaver when you join Police as a recruit. Read about your options.
If you wish, you can join a KiwiSaver scheme as well as the PSS and get some of the benefits of KiwiSaver. For example, the government will contribute around $10 a week if you contribute $20 a week or more. Read more about KiwiSaver.
A note for former Traffic Officers
Different membership categories and contribution rates apply if you:
  • are a former Traffic Officer who transferred to Police on 1 July 1992
  • have not left service since that date
  • are a contributing member to the Government Superannuation Fund (GSF) or the National Provident Fund (NPF).

In this case, you can join the scheme as a special entrant. The minimum member contribution rate is 1% of salary. The level of employer contributions varies depending on your employment arrangement and the required employer contribution to the GSF or NPF. Contact your Payroll Officer for details.

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