Check out the new features on the Retirement Income Calculator


We've added some great features to the Retirement Income Calculator, which make it even more useful and easy to use.

Career changes
You can now nominate up to three changes in salary at specific ages. You can use this to model the effects of a change in career or a period of part-time work.

Scenario comparison
In addition to modelling your current situation, you can now create an alternative scenario to experiment with changes to contributions and retirement goals. Results of both your current situation and alternative scenario are displayed on the same chart to make them easy to compare.

Different spouse/partner retirement age
You and your partner may not expect to retire at the same time. The calculator now includes the option for you to nominate separate retirement ages.

Multiple lump sum withdrawals in retirement
The calculator now allows for up to three lump sum withdrawals from your retirement savings. These withdrawals can be made at any point after retirement.

If you feel a little overwhelmed by the wealth of information presented in the income chart, there's now an infographic containing the key information in your retirement projection. Income, contributions, retirement savings and retirement income duration are all conveyed in a simple at-a-glance summary.

Chart display options
Chart annotations can be toggled on and off at will, including markers for retirement age, retirement income, and indicators of life expectancy.

Mobile and tablet redesign
The calculator is now supported on mobile phones and tablets. The layout rearranges automatically to provide the best experience regardless of the size of your screen.

There's now a step by step tutorial explaining the core concepts of the calculator. Enter your age, gender, salary and retirement savings balance to customise the tutorial for your situation.

To use the calculator, sign into your account and click on the promo on the 'Your super' page.


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