Keeping your PIN secure and internet security tips

Provided by Mercer.

It's important to protect your privacy online. With all the passwords you have to remember, it can be tempting to keep it simple by using the same passwords for all your banking, super and email accounts. Using something that's easy to remember such as Super123, also means it's easy for someone else to guess.

Choosing your PIN

To help keep your PIN secure, follow these suggestions and tips below:

  1. Never share your PIN with anyone
  2. Change your PIN regularly
  3. Do not select a PIN that will be easy for another person to guess (i.e. do not use your date of birth, your name, postcode or similar)
  4. Try to use a minimum of 8 characters and mix them up between numbers and letters e.g. if you use Sunshine, make the 'I' a '1' and the 'e' a '3'. Another easy way to use a strong password is to use a string of characters that relate to something you can remember e.g. IAG2TP2D - I am going to the park today
  5. Do not write your PIN down anywhere - even if disguised, and never carry it in your wallet or purse.

Changing your PIN

You can change your PIN online at anytime by signing into your secure account and heading to the 'Change your PIN' section (under 'Personal details'). Alternatively, you may request a new PIN online (if we have your email address), or by calling the Helpline.

Provide your email address

It's important you update or provide us with your email address by accessing your account online or by calling the Helpline. If we have your email address recorded it means you can change your PIN online at anytime.

Other internet security tips

  • Make sure no one is watching you when you enter your PIN or password to any of your online accounts
  • Make sure you sign out of the website at the end of your session and close the browser window
  • Make sure you lock the computer if you need to leave it unattended
  • Change your password or PIN on a regular basis
  • Install anti-virus software and a firewall on your computer if possible.

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