Your leaving service benefit - it won't happen overnight


It takes a while to process your leaving service benefit if you resign from Police. Don't expect to be paid it on your last day of work. Here's what needs to happen.

If you resign, Payroll will write to you acknowledging your resignation and include a Termination/benefit payment advice form. (You can also download one from documents and forms.) You need to fill in the form and return to Payroll. They will then complete their part of the form and forward it to Mercer.

It takes up to three weeks to process your benefit payment from the date Mercer receives the completed form. That's because they need to wait until they receive your final contributions (which could be up to two weeks after you leave). The effective date of the withdrawal is the date your benefit is processed by Mercer rather than your final day of service. This could be several days before the payment is actually made.

If you've used your benefit as security for a loan

It will take longer to process your benefit if, at any time, you have used your benefit as security for a loan – even if you have already repaid the loan. This is because Mercer will need to write to the Police and Families Credit Union or other lender and seek confirmation that the loan has been repaid or obtain confirmation of the amount outstanding. If there is a balance due, Mercer will write to you confirming the amount. You will need to acknowledge this in writing before your benefit is paid.

Leaving your savings in the scheme

Remember, you can choose to leave your savings in the scheme when you leave. While you can no longer contribute, your savings will continue to earn interest just as they do now. You can access your savings at any time so long as each withdrawal is at least $5,000 and your remaining balance is at least $5,000.


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