KiwiSaver was introduced by the New Zealand Government in 2007 as a way to help New Zealanders save for their retirement.

KiwiSaver provides a number of benefits for members:

  • Members of the NZDF will receive 4% of their gross salary in employer contributions (less Employer's Superannuation Contribution Tax). Otherwise the minimum employer contribution is 3% of the member's gross salary
  • Up to $521.43 in each year in  Government contributions
  • Assistance for first home buyers

Don't delay!

For every month you delay joining KiwiSaver you could be missing out! On a salary of $40,000 a year, for each month you put off joining KiwiSaver, you could miss out on $110 ($67 in employer contributions and $43 in Government contribution). Over a year, that's over $1,300!

Joining KiwiSaver

Interested in joining the New Zealand Defence Force KiwiSaver Scheme? Join now.

Help for home buyers

Looking to buy your first home in the near future? NZDF saving schemes can help.

With KiwiSaver once you have been a KiwiSaver member for three years you're able to withdraw all or part of your KiwiSaver savings to use towards the purchase of your first home. You can also withdraw your employer contributions too. Plus you could be eligible for a HomeStart grant administered by Housing New Zealand of up to $5,000 for an existing home or up to $10,000 for a new home build!

Read about First Home help here.


This tool can help you estimate how much income you may have in your retirement. Use this tool now.

FlexiSaver Scheme benefits

Unlike a KiwiSaver scheme, the New Zealand Defence Force FlexiSaver Scheme allows you to withdraw your money at any time. You choose how much to invest and when to invest.

There are also no age restrictions when joining the FlexiSaver Scheme or withdrawing your savings.



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