The Government selected just nine organisations to be 'default providers', which were rigorously checked to ensure they had the expertise to provide a solid investment scheme.

The Mercer KiwiSaver scheme

The Mercer KiwiSaver scheme is a workplace savings scheme for your employees. It offers your people an excellent range of benefits and you, as an employer, the assurance that comes with working with one of the largest and most experienced providers of KiwiSaver and workplace superannuation in New Zealand.

Employee benefits

Employees who join the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme will have access to member tax credits of up to $521.43 per year.

However, there is more to the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme. Your employees can also benefit from access to:

  • Professional investment management by proven experts
  • Member Helpline: free phone access to specialist assistance
  • Interactive online services: employees can access their current account balances, view and update their investment option details and make use of helpful tools and information
  • Seven investment options, which allows your employees to choose an investment that suits their needs.

An added advantage of the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme is that your employees have the freedom to switch from one investment option to another if their needs change.

The benefits to you as an employer

As members of the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme, your employees will have access to a Helpline to answer their questions about product options, their member account and more - so you won't have to!

The Mercer KiwiSaver scheme is:

  • Easy to administer: arrangements have been made with Inland Revenue to help ensure the administration of KiwiSaver is simple
  • Backed by experience: the Scheme is administered by Mercer, an experienced and professional provider of workplace savings solutions.

Why nominate an "employer-chosen" scheme?

You can choose to nominate a KiwiSaver scheme (PDF, 107 KB) for your employees to join if they make no choice of their own. This helps employees take part in KiwiSaver, particularly for those who feel they don't have the financial understanding to select a scheme on their own.

The Inland Revenue and Government have provided some comfort for employers:

"You do not have any liability under securities legislation if you just provide general savings or KiwiSaver information or select an employer-chosen scheme."

You may also choose to make contributions over and above the minimum employer contribution rate of 3%. This can provide a point of difference in a competitive employment market.

To select Mercer as your preferred provider please complete the
Letter of Appointment (PDF, 107 KB).