About the Plan

The IAG & NRMA Superannuation Plan ("Plan") is a complying regulated superannuation fund, designed to help you save towards your financial goals for retirement.

The Plan has two sub-plans, namely:

  • The IAG sub-plan for current and former employees and officers (and their eligible spouses) of companies in the Insurance Australia Group, and
  • The NRMA sub-plan for current and former employees and officers (and their eligible spouses) of the National Roads and Motorists' Association and its related bodies corporate.

The Plan has an Accumulation Division and a Defined Benefit Division. Generally, you belong to the accumulation section of the Plan if you joined the Plan after 1 January 1999, or if you have elected to transfer to this section. Otherwise, you belong to the defined benefits section (which has been closed to new members since 1 January 1999). Some members who transferred in from the SGIC Staff Superannuation Fund, the RACV Superannuation Fund, the CGU Superannuation Fund or the CGU-VACC Pension Fund are also defined benefit members.

Unless noted to the contrary all references to accumulation members cover reserved members, retained members, spouse members and allocated pension members.

Prescribed disclosures

This website also includes a section which sets out information which must be disclosed under superannuation laws (such as disclosure of trustee and executive remuneration). This is available under in the Documents and Forms section under Plan information.

Benefits of membership:

  • A range of investment options: There are six investment options available under the Plan (for Retirement Income Stream members there are four investment options).
  • Member services: The Plan offers members a range of member services including:
    • regular newsletters and updates to keep you informed
    • a telephone helpline service - 1300 IAG NRM (or 1300 424 676)
    • the Plan website - www.iagnrma.superfacts.com.
  • A choice of insurance cover: You can apply for different levels of death and total and permanent disablement cover under the Plan, although your application is subject to the Insurer's acceptance.
  • Continuation of membership on ceasing employment: If your benefit at the time of ceasing employment is at least $5,000 you can continue as a member of the Plan after leaving service. Whilst you remain a member of the Plan you will continue to receive death and total and permanent disablement insurance and your account can receive contributions from your new employer.
  • Retirement income streams: The Plan offers members aged 55 and over Allocated Pensions as well as Transition to Retirement Income Streams.

Categories of membership:

IAG & NRMA Superannuation Plan has four categories of membership:

Membership type Details

Active members

Active members are members who are IAG or NRMA employees and whose compulsory employer contributions are paid to the Plan. You automatically become an active member of the Accumulation Division of the Plan when you start working with IAG or NRMA, unless you have previously chosen another superannuation fund to which your employer is to pay compulsory superannuation contributions under Super Choice. You will cease being an active member if you become a retained member (through exercising Super Choice), a reserved member (on ceasing service with IAG or NRMA) or leave the Plan.

Retained members

If you are an active member and subsequently choose another superannuation fund to which IAG or NRMA is to pay compulsory superannuation contributions under Super Choice, you will become a retained member of the Plan until you transfer your benefit out of the Plan.

Reserved members

On ceasing service with IAG or NRMA, you may remain a member of the Plan (as a reserved member) if your account balance is at least $5,000. This will occur automatically, unless you advise us to transfer your benefit to another superannuation fund within 90 days of ceasing service.

Retirement income stream members

On reaching your preservation age (currently age 55) you can become a Retirement income stream member and commence an Allocated Pension or a Transition to Retirement Income Stream.

Spouse members

A spouse of a member can become a spouse member of the Plan in the following circumstances:

  • for the purposes of contribution splitting; or
  • to satisfy a payment split under an agreement or court order under the Family Law Act

For more information on your benefits in the Plan, refer to your Product Disclosure Statement, which is available for download from the Documents & forms section, or Contact us.


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