About the Scheme

The scheme is an employer-sponsored defined contribution superannuation scheme. It is sponsored by the New Zealand Fire Service Commission for some of its employees and has been in existence since 1987.

How the scheme works


The scheme is designed specifically to help you save for your retirement by making regular deductions from your salary. An insured benefit may also be payable to give you and your family some financial security should you become permanently incapacitated or die.


The scheme and KiwiSaver


The scheme has a complying superannuation fund section, which meansthat members can choose to have some of their and the Commission'scontributions locked in. More restrictive contribution, benefit and transfer options apply to locked in contributions, but members may be entitled to Government contributions.


The trustee directors


The scheme is managed by Fire Super Trustee Limited. There are seven directors of the trustee, three appointed by the New Zealand Fire Service Commission, three appointed by the New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union and an independent trustee director appointed by these six trustee directors.

The trustee appoints various professional companies to help it manage the scheme. For example, the trustee doesn't manage members' accounts, but has appointed a professional scheme administration manager to do that. Nor does the trustee make daily decisions about investment of your funds - they appoint investment managers to do that. The trustee may change professional companies from time to time. The names of the current trustee directors and the professional companies appointed to assist the trustee directors are listed in the scheme's product disclosure statement and annual report.

For more information about the scheme read the product disclosure statement.

Useful information about the scheme, including copies of important documents, is available on the Documents & forms page of this website and the Companies Office Disclose register.

Contact details

For the Secretary to the Trustee:

telephone: 04 819 2600 (ask for Philippa Kalasih)
e-mail: nzfire.super@mercer.com
post: PO Box 2897, Wellington 6140

For the scheme administrator (Mercer (NZ) Ltd), to receive information on account balances or current contributions, to change personal information held by the scheme, to change your postal address, or to amend beneficiary details:

freephone: 0800 MY SUPER (0800 69 78737)
e-mail: nzfire.super@mercer.com
post: PO Box 1849, Wellington 6140

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