Accumulation division

The Accumulation division in EISS provides benefits based on contributions by you and your employer, plus investment earnings.

This scheme is also known as the 'Accumulation Scheme' or 'Division 5'.

Members in the Accumulation division can access:

  • a range of investment options
  • a choice of the amount of death and permanent disability insurance
  • income protection insurance
  • income stream options on retirement transition to retirement income streams
  • salary-sacrifice contributions (which may save you tax)
  • government co-contributions (if your salary is below a set limit)

A brief summary of the benefits provided by the Accumulation division is below.

General Accumulation lump sum benefits
Retirement benefit available

After age 55

Retirement benefit

Accumulated contributions plus interest

Resignation benefits As for retirement. Benefit can be preserved in the Scheme (default)
or rolled over.
Temporary Disability benefit
  • Available prior to age 60
  • Two-thirds of Salary
  • Payable for 12 months (can be extended by the Board for another 6 months)
  • Benefit can't start until sick leave used up
Death and Total and Permanent Disability benefit
  • Retirement benefit, plus insuredamount
  • Binding nominations are available
Insurance options Insured amounts are a % times salary times future service to age 60.
Thereis a choice of % from 9% to 50%.
Cost of insurance is deducted from members' accounts. Cost varies with level.

Administration fees are paid by the employers separately to any contributions paid to your account. The only fees deducted from your account are the cost of your insurance, plus any investment management fees that are taken out investment earnings.

Information on your account, the Scheme and super in general is available from:

  • your member booklet
  • your annual member statement
  • this website
  • the Scheme by calling 1300 307 844

Your member booklet is available for download from the Forms & publications section. Your latest member statement is available for download by signing in to your account and following the link under 'Member statements' on the 'Your super amount' page.

Before making decisions about your super, we always urge you to seek professional financial advice. If your question is a simple one (e.g. should I pay my contributions by salary sacrifice?), then ring the Scheme. For simple queries, we can provide advice over the phone.


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