Good news on financial planning fees


Provided by EISS.

The Beatles suggested that the best things in life are free. But I suspect that they weren't thinking of good financial planning advice. This will always come with a cost, and the cost will be higher if your situation is more complicated.

The good news is that you can now pay the upfront fee of any pre-retirement financial planning advice out of your super (for members of Division 2,3 or 4, fees may only be paid from account balances relating to rollovers or voluntary contributions).  All you need to do is fill in the form, and send that to us, along with a copy of the invoice from the financial planner.

The law that governs super funds is based around something that is called the sole purpose test. This says that a super fund must be used for providing retirement or death benefits. Super funds can be penalised if they do other things (which is one reason why super funds don't sell toothpaste, for example).

This affects what financial advice can be funded out of super. For example, you can get free advice from our call centre on superannuation matters such as contributions, investments and insurance. But we can't advise you on buying an investment property.

If you get external advice that comes at a cost, it has to be pre-retirement advice for us to be sure that we are complying with the sole purpose test.

This deduction is not limited to any particular financial planning firm, nor is there a limit on how much you can ask to be deducted. However, any claim must be supported by an invoice from a firm that holds an Australian Financial Services Licence to give personal financial advice.

Please call the Scheme on 1300 307 844 if you or your adviser have any questions.

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